Jan 22, 2023Liked by Glenn Harlan Reynolds

Already pre-ordered. Got Twitter banned for a reference to one of Larry’s MHI characters! Great author.

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Dear Professor Reynolds,

Thank you for shedding additional light on this important subject. Because of your new Substack I was introduced to this book and preordered.

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Glenn - glad to see you on Substack. Big Tech gets maligned, but they really do produce some amazing products including Substack.

I've been a long time reader and am very happy to support your 2nd full time job.

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I pre-ordered last year when Larry first started talking about this book. Looking forward to reading it next week! Will probably use it as inspiration for some writing of my own since the WA legislature is in full, unconstitutional anti-gun mode right now.

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Thanks for the primer, Glenn, preordered.

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If I email you, will you publish it?

Maybe. If you don’t want it published, put “Please Don’t Publish This” in a conspicuous place. Do that with any email you don’t want published — don’t expect me to remember what you said last time, as I get hundreds of emails a day. If you really, really, really don’t want it published, don’t send the email.

Hi Glenn,

I’m really begging you and pleading w/your better angels to publish it. I’m Cyrano 829, and almost literally dying to be your Cyrano. Please Take any of my articles from PM subsub stack. Put your name on them and put them up for more people to see. I’m getting 19 viewer's average. And I feel very deeply about Blue Cross and Humana. Talk to the Insta wife about it. Better still, visit a memory care center. Those people don’t have much time for drug comparison or coupons.

Thanks for your time. Got a name for your followers? I call Don’s followers Surbs.

Please Find me a lawyer who will be my Cyrano. He/she will have 10 hearts, 100 arms, too strong to war with mortals. Bring on the Giants.

Stay Frosty,

PM | Substack

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