Having sat inside of the bubble you describe for decades, incredulous at what was happening, I am willing to bet more than I can afford to lose that the people still in these bubbles do not and will not see any of this until one fall semester when no one shows up. Even then, they'll be dumbfounded.

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Glenn was way ahead of this issue - kudos to him for that.

I suspect "elite" universities will retain prestige with foreign students a bit longer and they will keep those schools afloat. Domestic students will take Silver's advice and migrate elsewhere.

Similar to what we're seeing at a larger macro level in the US. Foreigners generally prefer legacy American costal metro areas while natives are moving to the south and interior.

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Delicious as the schadenfreude is, this is not a good thing. I never blame anyone for being anti-intellectual, because our intellectual class has earned all of scorn heaped upon them. But I fear that there's a short step from anti-intellectual to anti-intellect, especially given the damage intellectuals have done to the reputation of science. If the average person begins to view science as a cudgel to compel submission instead of the single best tool we have for the discovery of truth, we will inevitably decline as a society.

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Too many prominent nominal scientists have abandoned the strictures of science for the limelight and their discipline now pays the price. As I once read "Trust Is Hard-Earned, Easily Lost, Difficult To Reestablish. . . And Key To Absolutely Everything".

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Woke scientists and other scientists that want to keep their jobs at woke institutions, are now adopting "Indigenous Knowledge" as a science-equivalent. Pure idiocy.

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Justs like the rot in colleges and universities the military is infected with this rot too. My colleagues and I are trying to push back at a meeting of DACODAI on May 2-3. Please help spread the word that DEI is wrong for education and it is wrong for the military. DACODAI (Defense Advisory Committee on Diversity and Inclusion) is strong arming the military to put race and other non-merit factors over merit in our military. This has got to stop. We are building a coalition to shed light on this.

Purpose: Expose the DACODAI’s discriminatory practices as it is not following DODI 1350.02, paras 2.8 (a)(3) and (c).


a) Remove all aspects of DEI from the DoD; eliminate identity group preferences in all personnel actions.

b) Return our military to applying equal opportunity and meritocracy in all matters involving people.

c) Focus our military solely on warfighting readiness; eliminating all distractions.

We are requesting the organization name, principal, and contact info.

Currently confirmed (we are accepting an email as documentation):

1. STARRS (Col (USAF, ret.) Ron Scott)

2. Veterans for Fairness and Merit (Scott McQuarrie)

3. Combat Veterans for Congress PAC (Capt (USN, ret.) John Joseph)

4. For Kids and Country (Rebecca Friedricks)

5. Stand Up America US (MG Paul Vallely)

6. The MacArthur Society (Col (USA, ret.) Bill Prince)

7. CD Media (L. Todd Wood)

8. Take Charge (Kendall Qualls)

9. Operation Reform and Restore (BB King)

10. Center for American Defense Studies (Paul Crespo)

11. Center for Security Policy (Frank Gaffney)

12. Calvert Task Group

13. Patriot Post

14. Restore Liberty

We're shooting for at least 15 before the end of the day.

Here is a list of other groups we're approaching:

Still to be confirmed (I am working confirmation):

1. American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD; Zuhdi Jasser)

2. Center for Military Readiness (CMR; Elaine Donnelly)

3. Unconstrained Analytics (Stephen Coughlin)

4. The Heritage Foundation (TBD)

5. Center to Advance Security in America (James Fitzpatrick)

Recommended by Brent:

1. Legal Insurrection

2. American Military Project at the Center for the American Way of Life (Will Thibeau, Claremont; will ask Matt to work this one)

3. Center for the American Experiment

Recommended by Scott McQuarrie

1. Center for Equal Opportunity (Devon Westhill)

2. Center for Individual Rights (Terry Pell)

3. Pacific Legal Foundation (Steven Anderson)

4. Veterans on Duty (Jeremy Hunt)

Others to pursue (recommended by Capt Joe John):

1. Green Beret PAC

2. National Defense PAC


4. Special Operations for America PAC

5. Spec Ops Opsec PAC

6. Special Operations Speaks PAC

7. Support and Defend PAC

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Since the days of the Caveman, small tribes, and

small villages, merit has always been seen as needed, not DEI. Companies, countries, and services founded on DEI will collapse. I currently am witnessing this behavior of companies which mentally are incapable of fulfulling my orders for medical equipment - the amount of stupdity in the business world and in government at all levels is astounding.

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Noted for action.

Bravo Zulu, press on!

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Speaking as a Columbia alum myself--College 1979, School of International Affairs 1980--I weep to see what's become of my alma mater. In my day Columbia was viewed as a "grind school," and the "student life" perks came down to, "You're now in one of the great cosmopolitan metropolises of the world. Go find out!"

And--sure--there was still plenty of student activism, the last gasp of the 1968 world. But the activism, while loud, was always peaceful, and you could counter-protest without being in fear for your life and limb.

You will appreciate the era when I tell you that when a bunch of us YAFfers (that's "Young Americans for Freedom," the conservative student organization organized by Bill Buckly and others as a counterpoint to SDS and similar) found out that there was a massive demonstration taking place during the Trustees' Meeting in Low Library on the theme of "Divest Now! (in those days it was South Africa in the crosshairs)--we went out there and each time the other side yelled their slogan, we'd punctuate it with "Keep Our Canal!" (that would be the Panama Canal). Everybody had a grand old time.

And the academics were top notch: Columbia was almost the last major school still offering--mandating, actually--a "Core Curriculum," which they'd invented back in the 1920s and which had propagated into American higher ed more generally. I have to say quite honestly, the only things that I learned at Columbia that have had any enduring impact on my life were the readings from the Core.

Ah well. It was nice while it lasted.

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I graduated from the University of Tennessee when it was known to be a party school along with Wisconsin and some others. I was solid STEM (Physics & Math double major) so I missed out on <some> of that, but I got a great education along with my degree. Yes, if they are determined to go to college, send your kids to a party school. It's a great environment for learning and growing. I probably learned at least as much in the dorms as I did in the classrooms, heh.

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I hire and manage lawyers. I put applicants with an Ivy law degree at the bottom of the pile.

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One huge thing is your major. Major in business, or engineering, you will get a job. Learn how to sell.....I can't emphasize that enough. Agree on law. they are very college focused, and so is venture capital, private equity.

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Always exceptions to any trend. For years, elements at San Francisco State Univ. has been attempting pogroms. They never got as far as Columbia. Also, Univ of South Florida had a major jihadic branch of the faculty at one time.

By the way, in late May 2024 we will be 'celebrating' the first anniversary of the Biden Administration's all government initiative to combat antisemitism. Perhaps one of the most unsuccessful all executive branch programs ever by any administration.

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Apr 26Liked by Glenn Harlan Reynolds

That Jihadist Element was what ended my college career after Desert Storm.

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People have got to start understanding that Hamas and Islamic jihad want to destroy everything. Everything. They don't care if they ruin institutions like USC or Columbia. They will sacrifice everything and everybody, including their own children, for the cause of eliminating Israel and America and western civilization. The truly crazy thing is, western civilization is willingly falling victim to intifada jihad. It happens in increments.

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Just wait until the fall of 2026 when demographics put another (very big) nail in higher ed's coffin; a 15% to 20% nail.

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"Georgia Tech’s Clark says the kind of education that propels students into a stable upper-middle-class life is no longer exclusive to elite universities." Actually, the assumption that if you want a great and lucrative career then you need to go to an 'elite' university is a relatively recent one. In 1969, the great Peter Drucker said that a major advantage the US had over Europe was that we did *not* have a small number of 'elite' universities that controlled entry in to the society's key positions:

"One thing it (modern society) cannot afford in education is the “elite institution” which has a monopoly on social standing, on prestige, and on the command positions in society and economy. Oxford and Cambridge are important reasons for the English brain drain. A main reason for the technology gap is the Grande Ecole such as the Ecole Polytechnique or the Ecole Normale. These elite institutions may do a magnificent job of education, but only their graduates normally get into the command positions. Only their faculties “matter.” This restricts and impoverishes the whole society…The Harvard Law School might like to be a Grande Ecole and to claim for its graduates a preferential position. But American society has never been willing to accept this claim…"

We as a country have gotten a lot closer to accepting Grande Ecole status for Harvard Law School and similar institutions than we were when Drucker wrote the above....it is certainly time for a reversal.

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Savage truth telling in that genteel iron fist in a velvet glove Jacksonian way.

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Any problems with the anti-Israel/pro-Hamas groups at UT?

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Nope. They had a few marches, though nothing recently. Everything peaceful. Big pro-Israel rally downtown went without a hitch.

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Haven't heard or read that any pro-Palestine outbursts are going on at my alma mater, University of Alaska, Fairbanks. It's more of a hotbed for dog-mushing (pro v anti) and saving ANWR from Alaskans.

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